Appeared with “B*****” today – he was, true, standing with my walking forward.  We looked with each other, open eyes.  Tells me he wasn’t “involved” with “shooting” having occurred (the day before).  We may, with Truth, understand whats been happening.  “S**** H***” was re-communicated in “U.S.” “force”media.  “H(e)r(b)icane S****” was communicated in “U.S.” – “force” – media, before that.  “Bush(-)w(h)acker” was re-communicated within “U.S.” – “force” – media.  “Bush(-)master” was communicated in U.S.” – “FIRST” – media, before it.  Also – “BLACK” was “found” to have been worn in eachshooting occurrence” (both, from 2002 & 2012).  So, we have “PATTERN” with.. “U.S. FORCE” (with “repetition”)..

* “U.S.’ mass murder” within “Mary(-)land” & “Virginia” 2002 & “Connecticut” 2012


Then we have news of.. “FIRST RESPONDERS” (“first responders” – “first-responders” – “First responders” – “First-responders” – “First Responders” – “etc.”) – “US trying to “look good” because “US” – “U.S.” – expressed “CAUSE” (& “feels bad” or “scared” of the United States of America, PEOPLE)?  “US” – “U.S.” – “wished” all to “believe” it responsible, that it hasn’t sent “programmed” beings (said “brain(-)washed” or “drugged“) to “SHOCK” our nation with “scare tactics” from it.  “U.S.” – “FORCE” – was “slow” to “act” with “hurricane force” that was “sent” (“called” by few – “K******”) because “U.S.” – “FORCE” – “SENT” IT.. 

* “US” – “quoting” (not Tobin Michael Alland) – is “used” within “news media” 

Their “WARS” o(f) “TERRORS” – “air(-)plane(..) strikes” (their “planting explosives” inside a BUILDING), BOMBS (& “explosives“), fire(-)setting, gunners (“shooters” with “sniper” fire – “programmed” beings “sent”), high gas/fuel price, pulse-weather (heaviest “rain” & flood(s) – “hurricane force” & twister, thunder, lightning), quake-pulse (earth-quake with.. “tsunami” wave & flooding), shuttle-exploding, &vaccine” & “viruses” & “biological agent” (“anthrax” & “bird flu” & “H1N1” & “H5N1” & “swine flu”) include “U.S.” – “fuss” – lying(“US – not people of the United States of America) – & “spin” (& 2002, remember “U.S.” – “FORCE” – “BLITZ” of 2 BROWN beings having been “shooting” – “no”it’s “force” – “U.S.”).

Expressing its “program” of “mass MURDER,” we appear to have “U.S.” – or “US” – “farce” covering for ITS previous “VIOLENCE that “HAS BEEN” occurring since.. September 11, 2001, & before that, 1993, when “U.S.” – “force” – “First” began to “strike” New York with beings brought into our “country” (with having been given “explosives” with “funds” to “BOMB” a “TOWER” – or before that, when “G***** H****** W***** B***” spoke of a “New World Order”).  U.S.”“FORCE” –  media “keeps pushing” each “story” with U.S.”STAGING – “raging” – “terror” after “terror” – being “psycho(-)politics” – “asserting” & DICTATORSHIP with “MIND CONTROL ON A GRAND SCALE” (“Make-believe” – instead of truthful report).

“NEURO-LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMINGfrom “U.S.”US“FORCE” with “agents” (NOT ONE being) was realized, observed, beings with “stock(-)pile” IN “WEAPONRY” (“MILITARISTIC” training), beings “programming” – their “mind control” came from “NAZI” beings having been brought into our land (each “country”).  Research gave understanding with realizing “U.S.” – “US” –  “force” with.. “Israeli” beings (“POLITICAL STATE”) “expressing” such.  Have YOU “received” such “programming” as “U.S.” – “force” – “news” has, WE.. having been.. “unable” to “perceive” – “realize” – or “THINK BEYOND PROGRAM” – “repeating PATTERN” with “TERROR(IZING)” that “KEEPS” OCCURRING (or “UN(-)EASE”) WITHIN THEM(-)SELVES?

Those beings “SAID” to have been “SHOOTING” in 2002 – “J*** L** M*******” with “J*** M****” (“every name” – “title” – like a “U.S.” – “force” – “creation” suggesting “religion” or.. “Islam” – brown being)?  With my view, in the energy state, 1 “male caucasian” with “BLOND” hair, wearing “black clothes” & with “black rifle” (not “handle” on top “cartridge below”), was noticed.  His “thought” of 1 “caucasian” face “male” appeared on the right side of his head (with “bald” head with “black moustache,” with “black clothes”) he pointed “gun” toward me, then fired?  Digging “bullet” from “wood plank” – he “investigating” with me – one energy state “awakener” put radial-splayed “piece” – “silverish” – “crushed” – “shattered” – within the hand.

In the energy state, later, two “guys” were.. sitting at one “round wood table,” a “male” – young – with “blond” hair – “different person” – & a 50ish-looking “male” wearing a “U.S.” – “FORCE” – “military clothing” (left – with my view), with my being opposite – looking – between.  Then he – “military guy” – had “ordered” & “said” what was “plain unspeakable” – “Shoot his ******” – & “we” could hear “thump” of “body” with “falling upon” a “floor” – “next” room.  He with “blond” hair – feeling “great pain” – got up from his “chair” & into his face, that of he who I have seen “later” to have been “General” – with “B***” – “T**** F*****” – “both sweating, profuse,” & it must have been a “tactic” – “pressure” – having “crazed” – “driven” – a youth with “blond” hair!

O.K. – we “know” that “spin” occurs.  That wasn’t two “black” people, two beings wearing.. “black” (you would have been “amazed” how “U.S.” – “force” – media then “RUSHED” with “scramble” on “live” air the next day – in the morning – with my “typing” the same, 2002)!  1 young male, he was “pressured” by “force” – “U.S.” – to snipe” (with “drain” of energy)..

“Next” – we have “U.S.” – “fierce” – media saying.. “GUN CONTROL” after “SENDING” their “L****” & “H*****” & “L*******” & “C**” (each “name” – “phonetic” – “suggestive”), up to “E*** H*****” & “D**** K******” – 1999!  “Black clothing” & “drugs” (called psychiatric”) with “U.S.” – “FORCE” – “MILITARY” – with “agency” being “discovered” & realized “beyond” 1 & 2 – “appears” to be “repeating pattern” of.. “U.S.”“FORCE” – “CONTROL OPERATION” & “failure” to have been communicating “TRUE” in the “1st place” (with “every(-)thing”with “THINKING” their being “FIRST” or “SIZE” or a “LONER” or G.H.W.B. with “using” the “RACE”)!

* 1.) “Adam” – “first” 2.) “Holmes” – “size” 3.) “Lo(ugh)ner” 4.) “Cho” – HC – (In the energy state,  “L****” was “found” – “laying back” with his eyes open, not looking with Tobin Michael Alland – & looking in “direction” to “another place,” & there was that “largest” ROOM with “stair case” “going down” – “around” – “wall curve” with the “female” being wearing a “white lab coat” with looking “surprised” with “appearance” & “interacting” being “near” her with their “equipment” within a possible “laboratory setting” – “tells” me “Psych(..)” or an “under(-)ground facility”)

“Near” the “holidays” & 9/11 (people & “high” energy) we have “disruption” (“U.S.” – “US” – “force” with “Israeli group” with “war” around “THANKS(-)GIVING” – 2012), because “US” – “U.S.” – “lacked” understanding of “giving thanks” with “fellow” beings (being “humanity”).  Then 12-25 would not be understood with such beings (the living “real Jew” – Iou – would “acknowledge” the “spirit” & view their “Hannukah” being “brain wave” energy, & so, with truth, respect one(-)self with respect of their “fellow” being).  “Militant” expressing “Nazi” expression would be “unable” to “realize” such “holiday” & “U.S.” – “US” – “force” was that “indifference” of such “combination” being people of each “nation” (“Israelis” – not “Khazar”)? 

* “Jew” would be “English trans(-)literation” – a “Greek word” would be I o u 

O.K. – “U.S.” – & “FORCE” – “FLU” expressed “gun laws” & “hostages” with “COWARDICE” & “vaccine” stories (“avoiding” being true).  “U.S.” – “force” – “releases virus” – it creates what it “THINKS” or “WISHES” it FIGHTS.  “U.S.” – “force” – gets “bored” & it has large “command center” with “computer screen” being “display map” for their “theater of war,” to “feel” its “Quiet War” – it watches its “social engineering,” so no “law” beyond what we have, for whatever “GUN” technology, would “stop” their “covert” interests.  IT “has been” taking heart & mind “hostage” – IT then “suggests” that “has been” happening.  It expresses.. “INOCULATION OF DISEASES,” because “U.S.” – “force” – “thought” its de(-)population” necessary.  I’ve “known” since my 22nd year, 21, from “church” to Van Halen to one W.C..

It was 1991, August ’90 – February ’91.  I may’ve been 20, then 21, on my 22nd year (with 4 months), when their “uneasiness” was “first” felt, or “un(-)natural feel” – “commotion” – “agitation” of “U.S.” – “US” – “FUSS” – withG***** H****** W***** B***” – & “political or social upheaval” & “sedition” & “insurrection” from beings withU.S.” – “US” – “force” – not people of the United States of America.  It was their “invasion” of “IRAQ” (in 2003) when I began looking within the energy state.  I could not “figure” 2 beings “discovered” within “office building” (“found” – “behind” desk & “behind closed door”), a “Canine Head” – “humanoid” – & “reptilian” – it was “clear” (later) with “video picture” of “politician” BEING with “slit” eyes “pupil” (& “you” all would not be “humanoid” – “you” are “awareness” & light).


Expressing its “program” of “mass MURDER,” we appear to have “U.S.” – or “US” – “farce” covering for ITS previous “VIOLENCE that “HAS BEEN” occurring since.. September 11, 2001, & before that, 1993, when “U.S.” – “force” – “First” began to “strike” New York with beings brought into our “country” (with having been given “explosives” with “funds” to “BOMB” a “TOWER” – or before that, when “G***** H****** W***** B***” spoke of a “New World Order”).  U.S.”“FORCE” –  media “keeps pushing” each “story” with U.S.”STAGING – “raging” – “terror” after “terror” – being “psycho(-)politics” – “asserting” & DICTATORSHIP with “MIND CONTROL ON A GRAND SCALE” (“Make-believe” – instead of truthful report).

“U.S. force” as two beings in “uniform” looked to be.. standing, with my.. having appeared, standing, one visit.  Both were smiling, with humor.  He communicated: “Lying is living” (& he “after” he, communicating: “Our spin”) – & not “EXACT” (that visit was maybe.. 5 years before)!  “C*****” – he was sitting with a visit most recent & he had looked at me, then communicated: “You’re not so smart” (“exact words” & “similar”).  Looking with a.. “paper” (& possible “note”) I smiled with heart, communicating: “I care about older people” (“similar” or words exact), we have no “need” with “commercial drugs” or “U.S.” – “force” – “news” or “WARS” (we have everything we need, we have & “live” sun light, & we have each other – our “awareness”)..

“ERROR” or “misunderstanding” isn’t “LYING” – “intention” to “DECEIVE” (I have read). So, with humor, with understanding, with “Top 10” – let us review those beings having been “ALLOWED” by “U.S.” – “failure” – with their “intention” of “DECEIVINGour people of the United States of America.  1.) W*** B****** – “News Blitz” may be from “Germany” with “Jewish parents” having been from “Poland” (We “find”).  With their “Nazi” – “German” – experience & having been “INVOLVED” with “NEWS(-)PAPERS” (“ISRAELI” BEINGS), their “MENTAL STATE” might not be “AMERICAN” or “CHRISTIAN” & with “THANKS(-)GIVING” understanding the “Christmas spirit” – he got “awards” for “reports” with “hurricane” & “attacks” on New York from “U.S.” – “US” – “force” (“weather control” with “technology”). 

U.S.” – “US” – “FREIGHT” (2008) “hit” with “Category 4” (5-LIKE) pulse-weather “IKE” (“U.S. president” – “U.S. Five Star General”) & “USED” that “historical name” or revealed “U.S.” – “FORCE” – “military” having expressed their “plan” – “EMERGENCY RESPONSE” – in 2001, September the 11th.  2.) G***** H****** W***** B*** or “S******” (a “German name” – “P*******” is known having been “involved” with “Banking” & “H*****” & “Nazis“) – he was “Director of Central Intelligence” (1976) known for “political assassination in some countries.  “U.S. – “US” – “force” had brought its “TERRORISM” into our U.S.A., revealing “BUSH(-)MASTER” (2002) with..BUSH(-)W(H)ACKER” (2012) – “SHOOTERS” sent to “kill” people & children (“bodies” with “white towels” were “found” – energy state – “against wall”)! 

Entering into our “Gulf Coast” – “Gulf War” or.. G.W. – “U.S.” – “US” – “FORCE” (with their “weather modification“) brought a “huge hurricane” (trees “sway” like “grass” within “wind” – within the “upper atmosphere” – like water “thrashing” with “boiling” water).  That was, with truth, my EXPERIENCE of it.  3.) G***** W***** B*** – “English(..) German ancestry” – with Scherffiness.  Going to “drink” or “drug” (or “U.S.” – “US” – “force” having “INVADED AFGHANISTAN” with the “INVASION of IRAQ” – PEOPLE having “nothing to do” with “U.S.” – “force” – “striking” on AMERICA, New York, the 11th of September), HE appears to have been AFFECTED with “NAZI” surroundings – “Heil” hand sign with “horns” hand sign – his father’s (with his fatherG.H.S., Sr. – affected with a “Trading with the Enemy Act” – 1942).

U.S. FORCE” then “mimics” the “LONDON BOMBINGSor “back(-)packs” & “ruck(-)sack” – “City of London Corporation” – & “uses” their “phonetics” with “Tame” r l a n with D z “ho” k “ha” r – “Bos” t “on” with “Boy” l s t “on” (“first responders”“trait”“response” – G.H.W.B.)? 


Each time I wrote of its activities: “U.S. force” (with “Israeli group”) “hit” – G.H.W.B. “might” be (or have been affected with a) “REPTILIAN” (or have “reptilian genes” – same with each “reptilian” – or “DINOSAUR” – “witnessed”).  With truth, I have kept with “writing further” – “see” the “ASTRAL” truth.. &

U.S. force” – AS “NEWS” – communicated: “DEVASTAT(ION)” – “DIRECT HIT” – & “FALLEN” (expressing its “RAMPAGE” with their “fire” & “floods” & “lies” & “storm(s)” & “tornado(s)” – “coward(s’) act” expressive with “U.S. force” pulse-weather or war(-)zone” – “created” – & “killing” with “war technology”), then a “PRESIDORK” had “appeared” giving “speech” – NEWS” media groups bait with 1.) “We hope to see you” 2.) “We will see you right back here tomorrow night” (“attempts” to “pull in” viewers with “subject” minds).  If “We the People” keep “identifying” with “U.S.” fit-throw, we might “imagine” or “think” we were “hurt” – we’re the people of the United States of America with every “nation” with “our” planet (not “U.S.” – “(..)th(at U.S.) isn’t a Country(,) it’s [controlled by] a Corporation!” – P.K.).

* “U.S.” “found” with “Roman Catholic (group)” with “City of London Corporation” 

“Excuse” you?  That was his “first” word, his communication, from he – “B*****” within the energy state, recent visit, June (he wasn’t standing the day of May 25th, he was “caught” for “disinforming” – same with G.B. – May 24th).  Mother Nature was, before that, reported being “destructive” (“U.S. force” had caused” that with “striking force” on May 20, 2013) – “(UN)NATURAL DISASTER” was, also, reported May 26th.  Later, he “went” to “BERLIN”“GERMANY” (“DEUTSCH(-)LAND” – “U.S. FORCE”)?  Why?  “Going BACK” with their “wall” of “subjection” built – U.S.”“force”“KNOCK DOWN” of each “wall” of every house (people of the United States of America), that “(DEUTSCH(-)LAND SECURITY” (“DISASTER” – “U.S. force”).  B.H.O. II as of February, 2016 – was sitting in the energy state (with head down).

U.S. force” we “hear” – “watch” – or “think” we’ve been “aware” of, or “NEWS” (& family, friends – the people we love with true beauty, true service), isn’t whats been happening – 1.) “CHEM(-)TRAILS” (“ALUMINUM OXIDE” WITH “BARIUM OXIDE” – “reported” – within air with “spraying” with “plane” – “METAL POISON(S)” that cause “mind(-)dulling“) 2.) “NAZIS” (“C.I.A.” – “Office of Strategic Services” & “NAZI party” – “RECRUIT” – group brought within the United States (of America) with their “OPERATION PAPER(-C)LIP”) 3.) PULSE-WEATHER – “HIGH(-)FREQUENCY ACTIVE AURORAL RESEARCH PROGRAM” (“group” of “antennas” – & “SEA-BASED X-BAND (R)ADAR-1” – that “causes heat” with “POWER” sent “upward”) within “IONOSPHERE” – “weather” then “controlled” or “manipulated” or “modified” with “beam”)

“ENTITIES” had been “affecting” our “governments” & “militaries” – “lizard” – “so-called” – groups: 4.) “reptilian” race (within the energy state, I’ve “encountered” a “reddish” being with “arched” eye brow – with “repulse” – with arms, legs, & I’ve “encountered” a “greenish” barrel-chested – “scaley” – being – with “YELLOW” EYES, large (both “WIDE OPEN”) 5.) “scare tactics” (“NEWS(-)GROUPS” displaying “TERROR THREAT” & “Terror THREAT(or “fire” & “flood”): “leaks” or “secrets” would not be experience or “internet research” 6.) “speech writer” (both of these “corporation employees” – “PRESIDEN(SE)” – have been “speaking” (or “reading”) “words” not their “own” – “UNREAL” (with “TELE(-)PROMPTER” or wearing “EAR(-)PIECES”)..

U.S. force” has communicated “OUT” – appeared with energy state visit, G.W. was sitting.. with a friend.  Then.. friends. Then he was leaving, & the next day he “re(-)treated” to a “closet space” – “hid” – then “left” – August 22, 23, 2013: 7.) “SECRET SOCIETY” (“SKULL (&) BONES” – a new world order version of(..) societies”) 8.) “stock(-)pile” (1st energy state visit: “Crates” were stacked, multiple 2-RING “SPACE STATION” tech seen – 2nd: ROWS & ROWS after ROWS & ROWS of “pallets”) 9.) “under(-)ground tunnels” (“BASES” – $2,000,000,000,000 “missing” – 9/10/01) 0.) “Zionists” (“group” of “Israelis” with “19th century thought” with “POLITICAL STATE” – real SEIO & OON may be “shake, move, quake” & “egg” – (WAVE) EGG-SPHERE..)?


U.S. force” – AS “NEWS” – communicated: “DEVASTAT(ION)” – “DIRECT HIT” – & “FALLEN” (expressing its “RAMPAGE” with their “fire” & “floods” & “lies” & “storm(s)” & “tornado(s)” – “coward(s’) act” expressive with “U.S. force” pulse-weather or war(-)zone” – “created” – & “killing” with “war technology”), then a “PRESIDORK” had “appeared” giving “speech” – NEWS media groups bait with 1.) “We hope to see you” 2.) “We will see you right back here tomorrow night” (“attempts” to “pull in” viewers with “subject minds”).  If “We the People” keep “identifying” with “U.S.” fit-throw, we might “imagine” or “think” we were “hurt” – we’re the people of the United States of America with every “nation” with “our” planet (not “U.S.” – “(..)th(at U.S.) isn’t a Country(,) it’s [controlled by] a Corporation!” – P.K.).

EIS & RA & EL – “if-that” &.. [“electro-magnetic waves”] &.. energy-spirit-life – would be beyond “political” – “force” – “Israel” or “U.S.” groups.  “Zionists” have “neglected” SEIO OON – “shake, move, quake” & “egg” & (wave) egg-sphere & “atom” & “ova” & “planet body” & “stars” with “spiral galaxy” – with “U.S. f(uss)” – “spiritual” & “natural” Truth..

U.S. force” – “fear” – has communicated: “SHUT(-)DOWN” – it “hides” their “oil pipe(-)line” & from “public awareness” (September 11, 2001) of their “U.S. PLAN” with “HITTING” both “World Trade Center towers” (with “trainees” – “used” – or “remote control planes”).  Such “group” expression – “irresponsibility” (“hiding behind” a “foreign group” &INSIDE JOB“) – G.H.W.B. (born a “German” – “S******” – & not “true president” of the United States of America), with B.O. (born in “Kenya” – his “name” brought forth as “phonetical” – & not “true president” of the United States of America).  “U.S. Force” (“NEW WORLD ORDER” – NAZIS” or “Skull (&) Bones” with “Papal Crown” & “City of London Corporation” & “Israelis”)..

* Saurian(-)Reptilian1.) B.O. (with “picture” of “claw hand” & possible “video evidence” of “shape(-)shifting”) 2.) G.B. – “both” (with “slits” with “click” of “lids” of “reptilian”) 3.) J.K. (his “tongue movement” of “reptilian”) 4.) “Queen E********” (with “report(s)” of “shape(-)shifting” or “LUNCH” of “HUMAN FLESH”) 5.) V.P. (with possible “video evidence” of energy “field” & large eye with “head” &.. a “beautiful child” with “dinosaur” or “extra(-)terrestrial” eyes) “WHO KNOWS” their “ACTUAL PLACE” with “BIRTH” (“THANKS” for.. BEING “PRESENT” & “PUBLIC”)?

“medium” hawk with “flight above” the “car” on the “way home” 

“Entities” that have “USED” being from “other” country (brown “group” or.. G.H.W.B. from his “Home(-)land” or “Muslim trainees”) have “done things” as U.S.(ers)” (& not people with the United States of America).  These beings have “no true interest” with America – “they seem” to have “vested interest” (“bad” with “owner(-)ship of land”) that “seems” to be with people of the United States of America (each country) – & have “crisis” – “scheme” – for 1.) “Vatican City State” & 2.) D.C. “District of Columbia” & 3.) “City of London Corporation” 

* “(..)deliberation” – “NATO” (“Belgium is one of the 28 member states across North America (&) Europe(..)” “head(-)quarters” with “France” & “Canada” affected before “hit” in 2016) – “U.S. force” with “(..)sustained clandestine use of force to achieve political purposes” “state-sponsored terrorism” being “(..)a central element of their foreign policy” (“thank you,” D.R.) 

* “9:11 a.m.” & 3-22 – “obvious” – 322 & 9-11-01 or “secret society” with possible “Integrated Systems Improvement Services” (or their “phonetics” – I b ra “him” & K “ha” l “id” & N a “jim”)  

* G.W.B. J.K.“reaction” (or “CIA” & “Israeli” with “meeting” within “George W(..)” “Paris”) 

4 or 5 “houses up” “walking” the “dogs” with “turning around” & “seeing” the hawk & hawk with “flight” in “front” of the “house” (& “walking toward” the “house” & hawk “above” – “cool”)

U.S.” – “force” – “sore loser” communicated “SORRY” for their pulse-weather “hurricane” – “weather formation” – called “typhoon” (“caused” with that pulse-weather “technology” – “Sea-Based X-Band (R)adar-1” – or with “MILITARY” GROUPS “making” that “appearance”), or for your “beam technology” – “hit” – with that “X(-)37B” within “space” (orBOMBINGS” under water) “causing” each “earth(-)quake” or “tsunami” (or “crime” – “emi” r c or “record company” – r c d y – R.C. – YOU “DIE” – you “DEAL DEATH”)?  4.) R****** B**** C***** – “smoked approximately 3 packs of cigarettes per day for nearly 20 years” (& with “wishing” for “SOCIAL TRANSFORMATION” – “RESTRUCTURING” – we experience “(heart) attacks” on America with “foreign effect” he put in (or with a “world” with its “bombs” or “Refugee Crisis”).

Enter “cowardice” (“going behind” a “back”) – “we” have “John F. Kennedy” & “U.S. force” has “recognizable pattern” in using” beings (from other “countries”).  In 1963, theirC.I.A.” was “handling” beings from “Cuba” & “organized crime(it wasn’t “LONE GUN(-)MAN” & “conspiracy theory” – “propaganda label” – it was “teams” & 3 “GUN(-)MEN” – “Central Intelligence Agency” – & J.F.K. “noting” he would “scatter” them).  R.S./R.C. – said to have “fired” 2 “shots” (his 2nd “hitting” a “president” in “back neck” – “Depository”), R.W. – said to have “said” that he “fired (2) shots” (“chest” – “stockade fence” – J.T.), F.S./J.R. – said to have “bragged” with “hit” (“close range” – within “storm sewer”)?  J.E.H. – G.H.W.B.. 

* With the “discovery” “Reverse Speech” (of David John Oates & Shawn) We have “found” each “name” 1.) 1953 & their “Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency” – C.P.C. 2.) 1961 with the “Mayor of Dallas” E.C. (“brother” C.P.C.) 3.) 1935 with a “1st Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation” J.E.H. 4.) G.S. as G.B. (with “additional research”) 5.) J.F.K. 

U.S. force” is “reactive” with their “mimicry” – theirC.I.A. group” has “mimicked” what it “thinks” would be my “thought” (my “writing”).  Such “group” with their G.H.W.B. – “German” & Nazi” beinghas B.H.O.“Kenyan” & “Muslim” being – with their “CHANGE” – “rant” – or their “fury” with each “recognizable pattern” of “using” being for its.. “covert operation” activity.  Then organized religion with “Rat” & “zinger” – “F******” (“mimic” of previous “writing” – being a “monk” within a 1400s – 1500s – “France”)?  5.) A******* C***** – he has communicated his having been “involved” with that Central Intelligence Agency & he has “admission” having “no formal journalistic education” – “good thing” – & he “gave help” with a “healthy mind” with communicating “war(-)zone” (“knowing” what he “saw”)..

* We have “experienced” their “U.S. force” – “NAZIS” with “Israelis” – “impersonation” or “use” of “Muslims” for “terrorizing” the people of the United States of America“1st” it was “Russia” & “2nd” was “TERRORISTS(..)” & “3rd” is “ASTEROIDS” & “4th” is “EXTRA(-)TERRESTRIALS” (& their “(l)ist” “E(NEMIES)” “(..)to keep the media (&) public in support of (p)entagon budget(ing,)” & “(..t)here are continuous wars (&) enemies identified in order to perpetuate these wars, always with the ultimate goal of (GETTIN’) the high ground of outer space to dominate (&) control the minds of the people of Earth so (we) would not be given (a) truth, truthful information about who we really are in the universes(..)” possible 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th C.R. & W.v.B.)..

Enter “phonetics”“B*****” (“fake name given”“(b)i” e “be” r) – “teen” – from “Canada” – with “show” that “mimics” previous “site” I have had – 1.) “hoops” 2.) “purple color(y)” 3.) or “drumming” with hands & chair (“playing BASKET(-)BALL” & “purple type” with “site” & “tapping rhythm”), or “S******” (“FAKE NAME GIVEN” & “SNOW(E)D (I)N”), or “H*******” (“FAKE name given” – “(h)ast(y)” n g s), or “M******” (“FAKE name” or “(m)an” n i n g), & each “bit” we hear in the “news”)?  6.) B*** H**** – seems real” with 1 look.. with his web-site (but he “USES big words” – “so(-)called” – to “attract” & “GOES OFF TOPIC” & “mis(-)leads” – “stand” with the people – & is not “standing” with “bull(-)horn” – have.. HUMANITY).  “Jonesing” for “minds” – “baiting” with “suggestion” – “trying” to “help” YOU? 

* 1.) “D***** T****” (“violation” & “mimicry” with “hand gestures” with “words”) 2.) J.B. a “pope” with J.R. (“rape” or “(m)urder” “found” with “Reverse Speech” or “RED eyes” with “arched(..) brows”) “unable” to “review video” (“audio out”), I am “letting you go” – “enjoy” 

“U.S. force” was (I was “shown”) sitting with each “other” or their “group” with “UNIFORM” – & when I hadn’t (yet) “written” of such, then beings were “seen” on “flying” “aerial vehicle” “plat(-)form” thing – “military force” being “unaware” in their “ability” to “fly” (each – with their “own” energy “body”).  U.S. force” (“forming group”) “moves together” to “ALLEVIATE” their “mental weaknesses” (like “political news(-)group” beings).  Have read “Thanks For The Memories” – with “Ford” – & “Oswald” “Lebensborn” & “(L)ife(-)spring” “SEMINAL” (& “start” to “understand why” these beings – for MIND KONTROLLE – “did” – “do(?)” – what each “did”)?  7.) D**** M*** – “new guy” – “covers” for “anchor personnel” when possible “refusal” – “thanks” (D.S.) – to read their “faking” occurs (& he “Bows” having read such)..

* “Lebensborn” would be “lebens” “life” & “born” “fount” & “spring” & “well” & “Oswald” “European” “appears” to be “aus” “from” & “out of” & “wald” “forest” (of the “GERMAN language” “pre-position” with “noun”) 1.) “(L)ife(-)spring” & 2.) “from”“out of”“forest” (& as their “tall trees” “big men”) “seminal” & “from” “out of” “German group” (& “babies”) & “explains” (if “true”) a “good man” “Lee” “known” with “United States Marine Corps” & “working for” (or “given” to) the “C.I.A.” (“used” in “U.S.” “without” a “dad” & “blamed”) 

* “By the age of 17, [Lee H. (O)ut-of-forest] had resided at 22 different locations (&) attended 12 different schools(..)” a “young” & “non(-)violent person” with “bright” eyes (just the “way” he “appeared” within the energy state, with “quiet” & sitting I “think” that he “knew” of their “C.I.A.” with “PLAN” & that he didn’t “shoot” at J.F.K. & he didn’t “know when” or “who”) “who” had “given” a “tip” “phone call” to “F.B.I.” (to “HELP” J.F.K. be “free” of “assassin”) & “who” had communicated, “I didn’t shoot any(-)body, no, sir” (“witness testimony” being “true”)..

* “Lee” (“without” his “father” “died(..) two months (before his son)’s birth”) “looks like” H.H. & “Marina” (with “step(-)father” her “wonderful” eyes with her “father”) “looks like” H.G. D.L.C.

* “Movie” “For(-)est (g)ump(tion)” (Wald.. a(s) “foolish or stupid person” & “slow-witted but kind-hearted, good-natured (person)” & “shrimp” or “little white guy” “without” a “father”), with “(f)ilming” in 1993 – ‘63 & J.F.K. & “(r)eleased” in 1994’64 & L.B.J. (“archive footage”), having “courage” “initiative” within “Georgia” (G.H./G.W. “identifying” as “Lee Harvey”).. 

* 1 “hr” 15 “min after” J.F.K. was “shot” (R.W. “behind” the “fence” with “7.65 Mauser” “rifle”& F.S./J.R. within “sewer” with a “.45 automic pistol”) to “when” L.O. was “shot” (J.(r). “Jewish”), he communicated “10X” he “didn’t shoot” or “kill any(-)body” or “any(-)one” or J.F.K. or J.T. 

* 1 “motor(-)cycle police(-)man(..) heard a clanging noise on the fender of his motor(-)cycle(.. & w)hen he looked down he saw a .45 (c) slug roll off into the street” (“uncle” in “motor(-)cade”) & a “picture” of “D***** police officer”in “uniform”“behind” a “fence” with “aim” of “rifle”

* 1 “day” with “party” or “meeting” or “conference” at “night”“before” THE “assassination” (within “D*****”), a “group met” at the “home” of a “son” of “old bankers” “old money”or a “multi(-)millionaire” the “Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation” & a “financier” & the “Governor” of “Texas” & the “Mayor” of “D*****” & a “Presidential Candidate” & a “Ruby” & the “Sheriff” of “D*****” & a “U.S. Marshall” & a “Vice President” (& 1 “motor(-)cade route”) 

Enter pulse-weather – “punk” – “group” as dragon“beast” – with “growls” their “tone” of “sound vibration” & “flooding” our “cities” with that “Federal Emergency(..)”U.S. force” with their “weather modification(..)” for “deterrence purposes & ARTIFICIAL WEATHER” with that “integrated set of [military – D.I.] technologies” (& true, I have experience – with “research” – & “thought” – with “quote” – & we “put together pieces” of a “puzzle” that “bring clear” & “unique picture”“view” – not “lying” & not “stealing” & not “tracing” – Our “work”).

June 1999” – “United States(..)” with “cover” with “graphic depiction” of their “PLAN” – “EMERGENCY RESPONSE” – of “cross hairs” at 1 “tower” of 2 (of 11 N.Y. “buildings”), 9-11
“September 11, 2001” – “World Trade Center towers” within “New York” were “hit” & “cutter charges” (with “molten steel”) & “thermite” – “incendiary” – “evidence found”
August 2002” – “(..)Boeing was awarded a $31m contract(..) to [survey a] development of a new(..) radar system(..) for its BMDS(..)” – for that “Ballistic Missile Defense System” 
January 2003” – “(..)U(nited) S(tates) Government purchased a 50,000(-)t(on) semi-submersible(..) plat(-)form(..) for the integration of [their] radar system”
____________________________________________________________________________________________  “June – August 2004” – “Summer Pulse ’04” – with “United States(..) Response Plan” – was an “execute(..) large-scale surge(..)” with “strong, wave(-)like, forward movement, rush, or sweep” – “increase in(..) voltage or current in(..) electric circuit” – for their “mass murder
“August – September 2004” – “Florida” was “hit” with “hurricane force” – pulse-weather – or 4 “exercises” with “surge” (or 3 “hits” with “land(-)fall”) with “air(-)craft carrier strike(..)”
April 2005” – “(..A)ssembly (&) installation of(..) x-band radar on to(..) plat(-)form was completed(..,)” with “plat(-)form” of “previous modification” in Browns(-)ville, Texas” – “G.W.B.” with “report” of “involvement” of a “discovery” (“April 3, 1984”) of “mass murder
July 2005” – “(..V)essel was officially named(..) Sea-Based X-Band Radar-1(..)” – “(..)SBX-1 under(-)went(..) series of(..) trials (&) exercises in(..) Gulf [War” – G.H.W.B.] of Mexico(..)”
“August(..)” – “September(..) 2005” – “New Orleans, Louisiana” under “attack” with pulse-weather, with “attempt” of terrorizing a “city” – “Houston” – with “Gulf water” or “force”
“September 13, 2008” – “Galveston” & “Houston” were “hit” with “HURRICANE FORCE” – U.S. FORCE” (with pulse-weather) was “using” my “birth day” to “hurt” a “Town” I “love” – & under “attack withEXPERIENCING” their “Federal force” or their “mass murderSPITE
“(..X)-band radar(..)” was “(..)for Boeing(..)” – “(..)prime contractor of(..) development(..)” – & was a “(..)phased array x-band radar derived from(..)” its “(..)Aegis combat system(..)” – “(..)radar beam(..)” with “(..)amplifying signals(..)” – & wasused for pulse-weather (Age is)

“U.S. force”“G.H.W.B.” was “caught” (within the energy state) with each “hand holding” him 

(“before edit”) hawk & hawk & “wings out(-)stretched” & “circling flight” & “beside high(-)way”

U.S. force” had “plan” with “fake” & “forces” with “F.B.I.” & “4th shooter” & “3 others” or their “CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY& “4 (possible.. agents)or “(3) terrorist groups(..)” being Nazis” & “Jesuits” & “Israelis(being “re-presented” with “Muslims being “used“) with B.O. (“WITNESS” – “Orlando, Florida” – & “repeat” of “attacks” within “Paris, France” – 2015) – & 2013 – possible “pulse” within “Pacific ocean” – & 2012 – SUPER(-)STORM(..)” with “New Jersey” – & 2011 – possible “pulse” with “Japan” – & 2009 – possible “pulse” within “Pacific ocean” – & 2006 – “66 tornadoes” (“6 hours (&) 43 minutes”) with “9(0+) tornadoes” with “America” – & 2006 – “fire” with “Texas” (within the energy state.. I “found” G.W.B. “lighter” within “hand”) – & 2004 – possible “pulse” with “Indonesia” – & in 2003 (“fires” “California”)!

* “U.S.” in 2015 with.. “CIA” J.B. with “French Security Chief” & “former UK MI6 Chief” J.S. & “Israeli” Y.A. “meeting” (2 “weeks ago” within “Washington, D.C.,” with “George W(. building,)” & “before” its “mass murder” “(h)e was white, clean shaven(, &) ha(s) dark hair (being) trim(,) & (h)e was dressed(..) in black except for a red scarf(,)” & “(t)hey look(..) soldier(..) mercenar(y &) carried the whole thing out like a military operation(,)” & CT, 2012, VA, 2002, CO, 1999.. 

(“before edit”) “baby” hawk with a “swoop” “left” to “right” with “curve” 

* “Homo(-)sexuality” being “predator” was “hit” “U.S. force” is “RIFE” with “that” in “history” with J.E.H. & G.W.B. with B.O. & “trans(-)gender” (not “WIFE”).  “Why” he was “chosen” “both” the “same” (& my “experience” of it “came” with a “suggestion” “long ago” & “bill(-)board” & “radio dee(-)jay” with “mouthing off” &.. “misunderstanding” T.A.).  “HDTV” has “commercial” & “story” & it “built up” to “attack” within the energy state with being “forcing” a “sickness” I have not “wish” to have “upon” this “person” of “Welsh” & “German” & “English ancestries” being “(Iou)ish” with “name” & their “group” has “Pulse” & “weather war,” with “X-37B” (& “S(XR)-1”)

* “According” to “Reverse Speech” (with David John Oates), B.O. “knows” of “(..)evil” & that he’s.. “Big f*****, its never appropriate(,)” his being a “public homo(-)sexual,” their.. “abomination” (with his “hit team” being with “C.I.A./D.H.S./F.B.I./U.S.” “Your villain hear the sender, sell the survivor” yet “presenting” the BGLT “community”) “Force it, Obama” & he is “I’m afraid” & “revealing” his “feeling” being “(..)rotten” with “(..)fak(ing)” his “caring” of “(..)their civil rights” (& has “Grief living now” the “sub(-)conscious” has “called” on his “Release(..)” & he “knows” that “We’ll be protested”) & being with “(..)show of Zion(ists),” not truth, SEIO OON wave egg-sphere.

Enter “ZOMBIE GROUP” being “ROBOTIC” & “PROGRAMMED” to “VIOLATE with “COWARDICE”U.S. force” with DISTRACTION with their.. “SENSATION” with.. “stor(ies)” with “MIMICRIES being “fed” to beings “LOST” – & “subject” with Nazis – “R**********” & “Skull (&) Bones” – “U.S. FORCE” hasattacked” (having “created” that) & “SPOOKED” their “HERD” – within their “minds” – with “Israelis” (“European (non)-Jews”), & their “COUP DE (UN)GRACE(FUL S***)” was occurrence & “assassination” with.. N.T. & J.F.K. & M.L.K. & R.F.K. & J.W.L. & R.W.R. (& “Attacks on America” – new world order & “Roman Catholic religion & “Zionists” being “without” the “OMNI(-)SCIENCE” & Actual Existence)?

3 egrets “flying” “left” to “right” (& “today” a “baby” hawk with “U”) 


Enter “ZOMBIE GROUP” being “ROBOTIC” & “PROGRAMMED” to “VIOLATE with “COWARDICE”U.S. force” with DISTRACTION with their.. “SENSATION” with.. “stor(ies)” with “MIMICRIES being “fed” to beings “LOST” – & “subject” with Nazis – “R**********” & “Skull (&) Bones” – “U.S. FORCE” hasattacked” (having “created” that) & “SPOOKED” their “HERD” – within their “minds” – with “Israelis” (“European (non)-Jews”), & their “COUP DE (UN)GRACE(FUL S***)” was occurrence & “assassination” with.. N.T. & J.F.K. & M.L.K. & R.F.K. & J.W.L. & R.W.R. (& “Attacks on America” – new world order & “Roman Catholic religion & “Zionists” being “without” the “OMNI(-)SCIENCE” & Actual Existence)?

U.S. FORCE” hasn’t “discovered” its “activities” of September 11, 2001, New York – the people of the United States of America have.  The people within our “world” have been “experiencing” these “fuss(-)flashes” with beings like B.O. & J.B. “warning” of “things” to “happen”“before” their “Orlando shooting” with 2016.. & “Paris attacks” with 2015.  The “BRITISH” PEOPLE have “realized” their being “beyond need” of being “controlled by” a “group” of “German” beings with..Holy Roman Empire” – so(-)called” – & the people “begin” to “realize” the “countries” within the “U.K.” have “right” being “free” as “well” (& the.. people within our “world”our “countries”have.. “ability” to “govern them(-)selves”)!  “We the People” have “never” been their “empire” & “religion(or “pawns” & “golf course”).

“white” egret at “right” “distant from home” “flying near” a “(s)ervice( k)ing” at “left” 

U.S. force” is.. “running away” from its “mass murder – 1963 to 2016 – & “radiation” in the “Pacific ocean” with each “attack” on “Japan” (“SBX(-)1 &/or “X(-)37B“) – 2011 – & from their oil spill – 2010 – & from “previous invasion of “country” or a “resource” – “Egypt” & “Libya” & “Iraq” & “Aghanistan” – “where” it “says” it “frees” (but “installs” their “dictators with “using” people for “profit”), & from their attack on New York – 2001.  “By having(..) war on terror, (people) can never win it(.  S)o (they) can always keep taking people’s liberties away.  The(ir) media can convince every(-)body it’s real(istic).” – A.R. “quoting” N.R. (2000)!

* We have “experienced” their “attempt” to “villainize” the “IASIS” & “Iesous” & “Isis” with their “appropriation” (of “using” a “capitalizing” of “letters” possible “mimicry”) “U(.)S(.)ers” (with “problem”) with “ISRAELIS” (with their “aggression” with “delusion”) being “felt” (“Romulans” & “Ferengi” with.. “bad teeth” &.. “big ears” &.. “nosey” &..serving” a “purpose” “theirs”) with their “USING” their “(cy-b)org(iness)” & “country” & “cover” with the “Saudi Arabians(..)” (“according” to P.K. “Syria” & “Ukraine” being “U(.)S(.) hit(..)” for the “oil” & “gas”)

(“before note”) “moving” in a “central play(-)ground” (with “storage units” on “both sides”) &.. possible “dragon flying” (“above” my “head” & “beyond”) in the “dark” of the “early morning” 

* We have “experienced” their “Borg” – “zombie group” – & “technology block” (“huge” media “news” of “resistance” being “futile”) with each “zombie” communicating “ISIS” with their “war”

(“before understanding”) I “rise” in the “air” “world” energy with a “little ball” in “hands” & “knowing” the “height” & being “able” to “visit” (within my “day” I was “unaware” that “dragon existed” & “yet knew” that being “might” have.. “existed” “living” being& what is “grumble”  being with “weather tech(..) force” to be “understood” with “Grumble force?”), & that being.. “near” a.. “person” I “know” (I “move toward” it, a possible “attacker” “behind” my “back” “coward” within my “sound rest,” & with “drive” I “beat” him with “fists” & with.. “restraint” after his “frightened sound” & “fear”) “may” be that being that “attacked” me “before” 

* We have “experienced” their “Caesar” – “Rome”& is he “why” their “destruction” has “kept happening” (“after” the “France” & “Florida” people being “hit”)?  Within the energy state.. he is “found” with “pulling” on the “arm” of a “woman” (with “brown hair”), “forcing” his “will” (“from behind” her).  G.W.B. has “done” that “before” he has.. “forced” his “version” or “limited view” to “assuage” his “ego” & “soothing” his “money(-)bags” (“free reign” or “play cow(-)boy” or “ride herd”) “feel” (at the “expense!” of people he “preys upon”), a “picture” of him on “stage” with.. “Oriental official” & “pulling” him “back” with “hand” on the “arm” (his “ISIS” & “U.S. war”)

(“before” & “after leaving”) “astronauts” & “civilians” & “emergency medical technicians” &.. “eye(-)witnesses” &.. “fire fighters” & “office” people & “N.Y. police officers” & a “police dog” & “visitors” & People with “Country” & “State” – J.F.K & J.F.K. Jr. & R.F.K. & M.L.K. & J.W.L. & R.W.R. & N.T. & “Chechens” & “Filipinos” & “Haitians” & “Iraqis” & the “Japanese” & the “Palestinians” & “Parisians” & the “Russians” & “Sumatrans” & “Syrians” & “Ukrainians” &.. “Californians” & “Floridians” & “Galvestonians” & “Louisianans” & “Tennesseeans” & “Texans” & “Virginians” 

“medium-large” hawk with “flight” in “circle” – “right” – “then left” with “circle” (“then” a “little” hawk – “right” – with “flight” – “right” to “left” & “back” – & “little” hawk “both going around” with “circling” & “then left” with “both”), & hawk with “U” (“they think” I have “caused death”)?

If the hawks are “saying” to “let go” of “inter(-)course” & I’m the “para(-)graph” & “note” O.K. 

Their “mass murder” has “happened long before” we “began writing” of it (“Olympic Park bombing” – 1996 – & “Oklahoma City bombing” – 1995), with “invasion” & “wars” in the ’70s & ’90s, with “killing” of “public figures” in the ’60s, & their “National Socialists” that were brought “over” in the ’40s (“O.S.S.” to “C.I.A.” with “U.S.”), & “killing” of the “natives” (& the “Truth” is.. I’M the “PARENT” with “previous life” with being “born” in this “life” with a “dark horse” & “antagonistic father” with his experience with “U.S. force” – “Air Force” – & my experience with his “severe abuse” of my “parent” & “I” – what I’ve “done” is “seen” what “U.S. force” had “already done” &.. “write” with my “bringing” that “forward” into “public awareness” & “release aggression” with “sexuality”).  I’m “taken” to a “play(-)ground” (& “life”)?

What “seems crazed” – “then” – “appears” to be “IsraeliswithNAZIS hiding” from being “true” & “on” the “run” with “cowardice” with “deception” being “(..)intelligence agency of (European (NON)-Jews)” with “C.I.A.” & WAR O(N PEOPLE).”  What if “B***** O****” was.. “discovered Islamic” & “homo(-)sexual” & “reflecting” their “Saudi Arabia(n..) interaction” & “need” for “oil”“diversion” happens?  What if “M******* O**** appeared(..)” to have: 1.) “ring finger” & 2.) “muscle” & 3.) “shoulder width” & “height” being “3 heads” & “8 heads” & 4.) “thyroid cartilage of the larynx” (or “apple” of a neck) of the.. “BODY” of the “MALE” – would “FEAR” of the people of the United States of America “knowing CAUSE” – in THEIR “LACK” of “sound mind” – their “U.S. group” to have Israelis“FORCE” – “REFLECT” such? 

(“before edit”) “baby” hawk “right” “flight up” & “down” & “up” & “down” & “up” & “down” 

* What is “ISIS” in “reference” to “U.S. war” with “C.I.A.” with “(..)national intelligence agency of Israel” (“politics” “both” being “refugee states” of “Nazis” & “European (non)-Jews”) We have “experienced” their “(I)ntelligence s***” & “intelligence s***” (“NAZIS” or.. “Israeli terror war”)?

* “When(-)ever” 1 “terrorist event” is “figured out,” it “moves” to its “next” (or 2) – “hiding” – & “Roman group” has “zombie group” with communicating their “ISIS” with being “Borg s**(t)” (“C.I.A. hit” in “Dallas”2016& “pit” of “negro” & “police” (possible “attackers”), & “France”)

* “U.S.(ers)” & “Israelis” have “impersonated” & “worked” with (“using” & “sending”) “Muslims” (& are “scared” of being “known” as “Romulan” & “Ferengi” “characters” with their “Borg”)!  “Why” is that?  1.) “land” “Palestine” 2.) “money” “America” 3.) “Oil” a “natural resource” (& “C.I.A.” & “Israeli” with “attacks” “Paris, France” with 2015 & 2016 with G.H.W.B. or G.W.B.)

U.S.(ers)” have been “hiding” from “PUBLIC AWARENESS” & “radiation” within the “ocean” (“after” their “hits” of “Japan”) “affecting” the “California” people & “Alaska” (& “seals” with bleeding withlesions“) & “Hawaii” (with “100% of(..) patients(..) showing(..) blood test for c(a)esium-137 accumulated in their organs”), & “Oregon” with “Washington” & “Australia” & “Canada” (with poisoning“), & “Indonesia” & “Mexico” – extinction of(..) species” & “blue whale(..) with (2) heads” & “sea lions(..) dying” & “star(-)fish(..) gone,” with “c(a)esium” & “plutonium” (for no “other reason” than their possible “message” “Fuk” u s “him” a)?

U.S.” isn’t “U.S.A.” – “B***(..) purchased(..) oil cleaning firm two weeks before(..) blow up of(..) oil plat(-)form” & “it was blown up on PURPOSE,” & the “people at(..) Gulf have been pleading(..)” & “their industries have been destroyed” (“floor of(..) ocean(..) with oil(..) a foot thick” – “every(-)thing is dead” – with “plant life(..) DEAD” & “micro(-)organisms DEAD” &.. “shrimp DEAD& “clams DEAD& “scallops DEAD& “every type of fish you could think of, DEAD, DEAD, DEAD, DEAD” – “why hasn’t government been doing any(-)thing?”  G.W.B. 

“see” a possible 2 hawks“distant” from the “house” right” & “distant” (I “wait” for a “clear sign” a “day” “after seeing” 2 “circling” & the “signs” “before” & “after” by “high(-)way”) 

egret & egret “right side” & “one after” the “other” & 1 “flock” with “V formation” “above head” or “right beside” “white” (I do not “remember” 1.) “how many birds” 2.) “pair color”)!

B***” – “S******” – “seems” to have 1.) Jesuit(-)controlled news media & 2.) “Islamic State of Iraq (&) Syria” being “USED” with “IGNORANCE” – “World (Wide) Politic(ian)s” – “appearing” to “USE” their “World News” – being “C.N.N.” – with their “stealing land” & “taking money” & using” a “wealth” of “oil” & “resource” – “U.S.(ers)” have “STAGED” theirhits” on 9-11-01 with.. “militant” – “TACTICAL” – planes” & “began” their “invasion” of “Aghanistan” & “Iraq” to “build” their “PIPE(-)LINE” (& on with “country invasion” today)?  “WHY” people were “experiencing” that “became” the “talk” with “LOCAL radio”“realizing” – with this being “taken” with “leveraged buy(-)outs” & their “automation system” with(-)out “LOCAL PROGRAMMING” &.. with their “voice(-)tracking” & “paid actors posing as callers.” 

(after “thinking” beings “take advantage” with “edit” “trying” with(-)out “understanding”) hawk “arrives” with “looking up” “front” “curving around” & “right” & “around” (A “Sun”)











Real Rock Radio

“Christmas” – “Cast Your Fate to the Wind” (George Winston – Vince Guaraldi) – “Good King Wenceslas” – “Haec Dies” (John Rutter & Cambridge Singers) – “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing” – “Here We Come A-Wassailing” – “Joy To The World” – “Little Drummer Boy” – “O Come, All Ye Faithful” – “River” (Six(-P)ence None the Richer – Joni Mitchell) – “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” (with Brenda Lee) – “Skating” (George Winston – Vince Guaraldi) – “Tree Farm” (Taylor Swift – not yet written) – “The Holly and the Ivy” (with George Winston) – “What Child Is This?”

Aero(-)smith” – “Pink”

Boston” – “Cool The Engines” – “Dreams” (Barry Goudreau) – “Feelin’ Satisfied” – “Fore(-P)lay(..) Long Time” – “Hitch A Ride” – “Let Me Take You Home” – “Party” – “Peace of Mind” – “The Journey(..) It’s Easy” – “We’re Ready”

Chuck Berry” – “Johnny B. Goode”

Def Leppard” – “Hysteria” – “Photograph”

Don Williams” – “Come Early Morning” – “I Believe In You” – “I Wouldn’t Want To Live If You Didn’t Love Me” – “It Must Be Love” – “Listen To The Radio” – “Lord I Hope This Day Is Good” – “Love Is On A Roll” – “Nobody But You” – “Tulsa Time” – “(Turn Out The Lights and) Love Me Tonight” – “You’re My Best Friend”

Ed(ward) Rabbitt” – “Drivin’ My Life Away” – “Every Which Way But Loose” – “I Love A Rainy Night” – “Step By Step” – “Two Dollars In The Juke(-B)ox”

Edie Brickell & New Bohemians” – “(Kn)o(w) Dinero” – “Oh My Soul” – “She” – “What I Am”

H(3)ART” – “Dog & Butter(-F)ly” – “Even It Up” – “Kick It Out” – “L(OVE) Alive” – “Never” – “Nothin’ At All”

Jefferson Star(-S)hip” – “Find Your Way Back”

Joe Satriani” – “Clouds Race Across The Sky” – “Crystal(line) Planet” – “Friends” – “Love Thing” – “Rasp(-B)erry Jam Delta-V(!)” – “Satch Boogie” – “Starry Night” – “Summer Song(z)” – “The Crush of Love(!)” – “The Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing” – “Until We Say Good(-B)ye”

Journey” – “Any Way You Want It” – “Be Good To Your(-S)elf” – “Day(-D)ream” – “Departure” – “Do You Recall” – “Escape” – “Feeling That Way(..) Any(-T)ime” – “Girl Can’t Help It” – “Good Mo(u)rning Girl” – “Home(-M)ade Love” – “Just The Same Way” – “Keep On Runnin'” – “Lights” – “Lovin’ You Is Easy” – “Majestic” – “People and Places” – “Precious Time” – “Some(-D)ay Soon” – “Stay Awhile” – “Stone In Love” – “Sweet and Simple” – “When You’re Alone (It Ain’t Easy)”

King’s X” – “A Box” – “Believe” – “Everybody Knows A Little Bit of Something” – “Everywhere I Go” – “False Alarm” – “Far, Far Away” – “Fine Art of Friendship” – “Finished” – “Fool You” – “Goldilox” – “King” – “Little Bit of Soul” – “Looking For Love” – “I Can’t Help It” – “I’ll Never Be The Same” – “I’ll Never Get Tired of You” – “It’s Love” – “Lost In Germany” – “Marsh Mellow Field” – “Mississippi Moon” – “Not Just For The Dead” – “Ocean” – “Out of the Silent Planet” – “Over My Head” – “Pleiades” – “Save Us” – “Send A Message” – “Shot of Love” – “Some(-T)ime” – “The Other Side” – “We Were Born To Be Loved” – “Wonder”

Martina McBride” – “Anything and Everything” – “City of Love” – “Happy Girl” – “How I Feel” – “I Love You” – “My Baby Loves Me” – “(Won) Night” – “Safe in the Arms of Love” – “She’s A Butter(-F)ly”

R.E.M.” – “7 Chinese Brothers” – “Me In Honey” – “Pop Song 89” – “Shiny Happy People” – “Stand” – “What’s The Frequency, Kenneth?”

Rush” – “A Farewell (2) Kings” – “Closer (2) The Heart” – “Entre Nous” – “Fly By Night” – “Half The World” – “In The End” – “Lake(-)side Park” – “Lessons” – “Lime(-L)ight” – “Making Memories” – “Natural Science” – “Red Barchetta” – “Rivendell” – “Tears” – “The Camera Eye” – “The Colo(u)r of Right” – “The Spirit of Radio” – “Time Stand Still” – “YYZ” (the Neil Peart “live” & “solo” version) – “Xanadu”

Shania (2)wain” – “Come On Over” – “In(n) My Car (I’ll Be The Driver)” – “Party For Two (with Billy Currington)” – “She’s Not Just A Pretty Face” – “Up!”

Shawn Colvin” – “84,000 Different Delusions” – “(Kn)ew Thing Now” – “Sunny Came Home” – “Wichita Sky(-L)ine”

Six(-P)ence None The Richer” – “Kiss Me” – “River” – “Sister, Mother” (the “LIVE” verzsh) – “There She Goes”

Smashing Pumpkins” – “1979” – “Rocket” – “Today” – “Tonight, Tonight”

St(icks)” – “A.D. 1928(..) Rockin’ The Paradise” – “Babe” – “Come Sail Away” – “Fooling Your(-)self (The(y’re) Angr(iest,) Young Man)” – “Lady” – “Lorelei” – “The Best of Times” – “The Grand Illusion” – “Too Much Time On My Hands”

The Beatles” – “A Hard Day’s Night” – “Eight Days A Week” – “From Me (2) You” – “I Feel Fine” – “I Saw Her Standing There(!)” – “I Should Have Known Better” – “I Want (2) Hold Your Hand” – “Love Me Do” – “She Loves You” – “Ticket (2) Ride”

The Cran(-)berries” – “Analyse” – “Dreams” – “Linger” – “You and Me”

The (PRESIDENTS) of the (UNITED STATES) of (AMERICA)” – “Dune Buggy” – “Peaches”

The Romantics” – “That’s What I Like About You”

U(Too)” – “Bad” – “Beautiful Day” – “Desire” – “Electrical Storm” – “Elevation” – “Gloria” – “(Eye) Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking (4)” – “Mysterious Ways” – “Pride (In the Name of Love)” – “Sweetest Thing” – “Two Hearts Beat As (Won)” – “Vertigo” – “Where The Streets Have No Name” – “With or Without You”

Van Halen” – “1984(..) Jump(!)” – “316(..) Top of the World” – “5150” – “A.F.U. (Naturally Wired!!)” – “Beautiful Girls” – “Best of Both Worlds” – “Big Bad Bill(! is Sweet William Now!)” – “Bottoms Up!” – “Cabo Wabo” – “Can’t Stop Lovin’ You” – “Cathedral(..) Secrets” – “Dance The Night Away” – “Dancing In(n) The Street” – “Dreams” – “Eruption(..) You Really Got Me” – “Feel Your Love Tonight” – “Feels So Good” – “Finish What You Started” – “Get Up” – “Hot Fo(u)r Teacher” – “Ice Cream Man” – “I’m The One” – “In A Simple Rhyme” – “Light Up The Sky” – “Little Guitars” – “Loss of Control” – “Love Walks In(n)” – “Mean Street” – “On Fi(ya)” – “Outta Love Again” – “Primary” – “Right Now” – “Some(-)body Get Me A Doctor” – “So This Is Love?” – “Source of Infection” – “Spanish Fly” – “Sucker In A 3 Piece” – “Summer (Kn)ights” – “Take Your Whiskey Home” – “Un(!-C)hained(!)” – “When It’s Love” – “Where Have All The Good Times Gone!” – “Why Can’t This Be Love”

ZZ Top” – “Heard It On The X” – “I’m Bad, I’m Nation(-W)ide” – “L(A) Grange” – “Tush” – “Waitin’ For The Bus(..) Jesus Just Left Chicago” – “Just Got Paid”













Real Rock Radio